Participants numbering one-hundred and fifty attended the virtue, 2014 conference of the Association of Professional Women Engineers held in Ilesha. The theme of the conference was ‘Engineering Solution for Sustainable Infranstructure Development’ with sub-themes of:

  • Enterpreneurship- from idea to profit
  • ASPiRE – Sustainability in Design Engineering
  • APWEN Mentor-Mentee Proramme
  • Harvesting New Technologies for sustainable Infrastructure Developement
  • Sustainable Power Options for Nigeria

The overall objective of the conference was to explore the challenges, possiblities and modalities of providing solutions to sustainability issues in Engineering Projects.  To achieve this overall objective, speakers discussed issues of: Entrepreneurial Skill Development; Sustainability in Engineering Infranstructure; Mentors and Mentees Opportunities and Capabilities; Use of ICT in the provision of sustainable infranstructural and renewable Energy potentials in Nigeria.

The conference recognizes that;

  • For Nigeria to develop economically, the government need to contribute significantly to entrepreneurial skills development programme to spur/ bring out embedded creativity of the populace towards self –empowerment and job creation.
  • There are skill gaps which have negative effects on infrastructure development in the country, based on non- provision of sustainable engineering design of public facilities.
  • The Association of Professional Women Engineers of Nigeria is making sustainable efforts in enhancing Professional development of female Engineers and encouraging young girls to pick careers in Engineering through Mentor- Mentee Program.
  • Nigeria is improving in the application of informaton and communication  Technology (ICT) to governance and other facets of the economy towards technological development.
  • Nigeria is abundantly endowed for renewable energy generation. However, the nation is yet to adequately exploit it for economic development.

The confence therfore recommends that:

  • Government should put in place a structure to encourage entrepreneurial skills by sponsoring need-driven ideas towards national economic growth. Participants were encouraged to make passion the reason for entrepreneurship.
  • There is a need for sustainability design of infrastructure. The ASPiRE software is recommended for sustainability evaluation of infrastructure at every stage of the project design, delivery and maintenance. The Government is encouraged to embrace the software the software for project’s viability and sustainability
  • APWEN has made provision for a Mentor- Mentee Program to further promote the objectives of the Association particularly in enhancing the professional development members.
  • E- Governance is to be further encouraged for projects sustainability. The Federal Government is enjoined to provide grants for research in developing of ICT structures towards the technological development of the nation.
  • Government should address the issues of energy security by harnessing the abundant renewable energy sources in the nation towards sustainable energy generation and distribution.

Engr. Nnoli Akpedeye, FNSE, FNICE, PMP, FMP  (President )

Engr. Dr Christy Ijagbemi        ( Chairman, Conference Planning Committee )

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