History Of APWEN

The Association of Professional Women Engineer of Nigeria APWEN was formed by a handful of women engineers led by Engr. (Mrs.) J. O. Maduka in 1982 and was formally inaugurated in 1983. It was originally meant to be a pressure group since most men hiring engineers then would rather have women in the kitchen and not on construction sites or behind the desk carrying out engineering designs.

APWEN is a division of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), a non-governmental umbrella body for all engineers in Nigeria. But unlike the other divisions, APWEN is made up of professional female engineers in all disciplines of engineering. It is also a member of the National Council of Women Societies.

APWEN, at inception in 1982, had only six (6) members. The membership has grown over the years to over 1,500 with members spreading all over the country. APWEN also has University Student Membership.

..nurturing a technologically developed nation with women engineers as key players.

Vision of the association

To be the catalyst for advancement of women in the engineering profession towards national and global technological development.


The Mission of the association is as follows;

To continuously increase awareness that engineering is also a career for girls, thereby improving the strength of female engineers.

To encourage women to achieve professional excellence as engineers and leaders.

To promote the engineering profession as a positive force in enhancing the quality of life.


The Objectives of the association includes but not limited to;

To provide a forum for promoting sorority amongst female engineers.

To encourage engineering studies and practice amongst female Nigerians.

 To create a platform by which women engineers can collaborate with other women in other professions in Nigeria and elsewhere.


Over the past 28 years, APWEN have been able to record a level of achievement of her objectives by Advancing professional knowledge of member through facilitation of continuing professional development.
Organizing industrial visits to technical industries. Organizing career-counselling sessions for female students of primary, secondary and tertiary institutions to increase awareness and encourage girls to study science and engineering. Participating, as role models and mentors, in the programmes organized by engineering students of tertiary institutions.

Giving scholarships and awards to outstanding female engineering students. Recognizing and honouring excellence in engineering practice by female engineers. Acknowledging employers of female engineers. Organizing conferences, seminars, workshops and technical lectures. Ensuring adequate visibility through publicity coverage of APWEN activities and publishing of newsletters. Participating in international conference of Women Engineers and Scientist (ICWES) and World Engineers Conventions. The impact of the effort of the association has been encouraging as more girls are opting for the profession, although the aggregate percentage is still quite low.

However, the existing of APWEN has sensitized and created awareness in government, industries and the larger society. To this end, APWEN has embarked on continuous professional development for the technical industries and organizations with diverse participation, as our contribution to the technological development of the nation. A number of international bodies have shown interest in the activities of the association and APWEN has been invited to collaborate with UNESCO and the Global Alliance for diversifying of the workforce.

Membership Benefit

Professional development programmes for all levels. Seminars and conference, national and international opportunities to network and mentor. Awards and recognition for practicing engineers and educators.

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Come, board the ship of women in engineering and technology and experience the joy of being able to encourage, enhance and excel in your career and life.